Using BeyData Librarian with Microsoft Azure & SQL Server

It is very simple to use BeyData Librarian with Microsoft Azure and SQL Server.   To begin you need to set up a Azure SQL Server Instance and then a database.   It does not matter what you name the database, but in this example, we named it workflow.

This is the database that will hold:

  • All Assessment Definitions
  • All team details
  • All completed and working assessments
  • All templates and system related data
  • All risk tables and the data catalog
  • All tasks and instances of workflows
  • All default risk settings

Once you have created the database simple go to the Database tools and open the Query Editor.  Then in the DB folder you will find the SQL Script to create the BeyData Librarian Tables.   Paste in this code and select [Run]. Alternatively, you can open MS SQL Server Manager Tools 17 Management Studio. Connect to the Database and use the SQL Server Script in that solution.

This will create database tables with no data.

Another way to get the database and tables created is to use the SQL Server Import Data task and Import all Data from the Data tables.  You will need to import both the Workflow database and the security database.   These can be found in the DB folder of the Installation.

 Connecting BeyData Librarian to your Azure Database

After these steps are done you need to establish the connection in BeyData Librarian.  Here are the steps:

  1. Open BeyData Librarian
  2. Log into the system
  3. Select [File]
  4. Select Specify Database Settings and enter your settings. 
  5. Test your Connection and if the connection was successful you will see a connection succeeded mesage
  6. Once your Connection was successful, select the [Save] button
  7. Restart BeyData Librarian
  8. And you are now using Microsoft Azure and your SQL Server Database in the cloud as your database

* These capabilities are only available in the enterprise edition of BeyData Librarian.

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