Director’s Corner: Which Edition of BeyData Librarian is right for you?

As the Director of Sales I am often asked a basic question, “Which edition of BeyData Librarian is right for me?”   This is a good question and one that people should consider based on their mission.    The different editions were purpose built for specific needs and therefore the wrong edition could lead to a waste of resources or not having what you need.

To understand this better let us first look at a couple of early product roles:

  • Create Assessments
  • Run and Use Assessments

So, on many teams an assessment may be created by a law firm or consultant. These then would be given to their client.  If you are never going to run an assessment except to test if it functions as designed than the personal edition is right for you.  It is in the running of the assessments themselves where you will see a difference.

Let us ask some Questions and show the version for each answer in a grid:

Who will be using the software?

Answer Personal Professional Enterprise
It will be a single user on their personal computer Best Choice Not Required Not Required
There will be three users of the software in one location Will not work Best Choice Would work, may be overkill
There will be many users across our organization in multiple locations Will not Work Not the Best Choice Best Choice


Report Customization?

Answer Personal Professional Enterprise
Reports do not need customization Best Choice Not Required Not Required
Need to customize all reports Will not work Will Work Will Work


User Access?

Answer Personal Professional Enterprise
Just me Best Choice Not Required Not Required
Need Windows Authentication Will not work Will Work Will Work
Need Active Directory Support Will not Work Will Work Will Work



Assessments and Diagrams?

Answer Personal Professional Enterprise
I only need to create Assessment Templates, Nothing else Best Choice Overkill Overkill
I need to create Assessments, Data Flow / UML Diagrams, and Run Assessments Will not work Will Work Will Work
I need to Run Assessments Will Work Will Work Will Work


The Personal Edition is good for those just starting out where the work being done is NOT team based.  Additionally, this version is great for a technical person that is building assessment templates but will not actually be completing any assessments.  It is also a good way to run a full fledge trial of the software with all functionality enabled.

The Professional Edition is often referred to as the Team Edition. Multi User support with SQL Express and Server Support along with support for multiple Authentication methods.  The Professional edition also adds the ability to customize the reporting to match your company and brand.

The Enterprise Edition has everything that the previous versions have but adds Azure support for the Hybridicity required by many organizations who also work with third parties and external organizations.